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3 Things To Do Before Summer Starts

Hi, girls! Today I’ll be sharing three things to do before summer begins!

Have a (socially safe) trip with friends

Especially if you’re a high school senior, this is a definite must. The pandemic has taken away our ability to interact with others in person, which is a devastating blow to those that attend school especially. Instead of dwelling on the experiences that have been lost, plan a getaway with some friends and live your coming-of-age fantasy!

Begin brainstorming ways to promote your small business

Now that school is out of the way, summer is the perfect time to grow as a small business owner. Network with other business owners, swipe through Tik Tok for inspiration, or even reach out to Teen Boss Babes as you navigate!

Take time to reflect

Be proud of your tenacity this year. You have earned new skills, learned about yourself, and have stayed sane (hopefully) through it all. Maybe debrief outside or in a bath, but make sure to evaluate where you are now and where you were before.

Stay safe!


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