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10 Fun Summer Activities

Have you been bored this summer? Mindlessly scrolling through Tiktok or just watching too many youtube videos? Back to school season is sadly but rather rapidly coming and I understand you might have realized that your summer has been wasted by not doing the summer activities you envisioned in the winter. So I am here to give you 10 fun summer activities that can make you live in the moment and have some fun!

  1. Learn choreography to your favorite songs.

Over the past few months, I have personally gotten into Kpop and by watching a lot of these music videos, I have this deep desire to learn these dances. It’s honestly really fun and a fun way to get a workout in.

2. Paint.

3. Read.

You don’t have to read a nonfiction book, you can read whatever you like from romance to fantasy books. Reading in general is great exercise for the mind and also reading books with knowledge can make you a more informed individual.

4. Plan a picnic.

This activity can be done with friends or siblings or by yourself it all depends. Dress up cute, take lots of pictures and enjoy your company or the company of others.

5. Start an anonymous social media account.

Starting a social media account without showing your face and doing content you love is oddly satisfying. This is a fun activity because you won’t feel the pressure of showing your face and facing negativity for the people around you like friends or family.

6. Have a movie marathon with friends.

7. Learn a new language.

8. Plan a family dinner.

9. Style cute outfits.

Take some time to pick out some cute summer or back to school outfits so that you won’t have to think twice about what to wear later on in the future.

10. Make a random private Instagram account with your friends.

I got this idea from Tiktok and I believe it's so cool to do. Making a private spam account with just your friend or friend group following will be so cute to look back on years later.

I hope these activities gave you some ideas on how to spend the rest of your summer. Honestly, you don’t have to do 101 things to feel like you are having a summer, just do what you love. Remember to use your summer to recharge and get mentally prepared for school.

Xoxo Akunna O.


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