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10 Fall Weekend Trips

The weather's getting colder and the trees are browning. It's that time of year again where stores begin to put out Christmas decorations for sale and summer becomes a distant memory. Now, if you're anything like me- you often run out of day trip ideas or just have no clue on what to do on the weekend. Hopefully, this blog helps!

1. Carve Pumpkins

A classic! Most likely the number one fall activity that comes to mind when you think of Autumn. Although it can get messy, carving pumpkins is a great way to spend time with family and friends- and creating spooky decorations at the same time.

2. Visit a local coffee shop

Starbucks is of course always a go-to for coffee, but supporting and trying a local coffee shop helps small businesses directly! A great way to enjoy a cup of coffee whether you prefer it iced or hot, and get work done or small talk with a friend!

3. Halloween Costume Hunt

Whether you prefer to shop Spirit: Halloween or hand-make your costume, let your ideas and creativity flow when deciding your disguise this year! Marvel, Disney, DC, you name it- the costume possibilities are endless :)

4. Scary Movie Marathon

Grab some friends, family, or a significant other and spend the night tucked away watching movies! The perfect opportunity to veg out and relax for the evening. Scary movies, not your thing? Same. I opt for Marvel marathons hehe.

5. Hike with Friends

The weathers getting cooler and as the trees begin to turn that orange-brown hue- a hike is a great getaway from work and the busy life. Be sure to pack essentials like water, a light jacket, and a downloaded map of the hiking trail (safety first!)

6. Apple Picking

Want to stray away from pumpkin patches? Apple picking is a great alternative, great for all ages! Prices vary for each orchard but you can bring home baskets full of apples for you and others to enjoy :)

7. Bake Spooky Pastries

Why buy store-bought pastries when you can bake your own sweet treats at home! From ghost cookies to Franken-pies, Autumn is the perfect time to master those baking skills.

8. Thrift Shopping

Yes, you could TECHNICALLY do this year-round, but thrifting is a great option for reusing and upcycling costumes and winter wear! Perfect for shopping on a budget and giving back to the environment.

9. Candle Making

Something you never realized you needed. Fall is time for warm candles and cold weather- what better way to adhere than to make some of your own? Whether you use a DIY kit or naturally sourced ingredients, your room/home will be smelling of the heavenly scent of your choice and making!

10. Costume Party

Too old for Trick-or-Treating? (even though you're really never too old) A costume party is the perfect excuse to show off your costume and socialize with friends (or family!). Remember to stay COVID safe to protect yourself and those around you :)






Hey yall, thanks for taking the time to read this month's blog and I hope this gave you a few ideas on what to do this Fall! AS always, I hope you enjoy reading and see you next month :)

- Bella <3


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